Proper form and safe progressions are just as important as feeling welcome and having fun. Our group classes are designed to take you from warm-up through cool-down and challenge you the whole time.

You will meet new people and the skills and confidence you gain will enrich all aspects of your life.


Our programming is holistic, safe, and focused on lifelong fitness for all ages and abilities. Our certified professional coaching staff will guide you on your personal fitness journey.

Over the course of the year our periodized programming will take you through various strength and conditioning cycles with a general conditioning bias.


We offer a wide variety of equipment and area for your needs. We currently have a 5000 Square foot workout area (AKA “the box”) with a large bay door that is generally open during workouts. … CrossFit Manic offers a large area and equipment too! We have 5000 lb of bumper plates that go along with 18 barbells.


Our mission at CrossFit Manic is to improve lives through physical activity in a friendly and welcoming environment.

We do this through CrossFit, a fitness program with the aim of preparing you for all of life’s physical challenges. We get you fit for anything. We cater for all levels of fitness, from retiree with no training experience to the elite professional athlete, and everything in between. Not all gyms are the same. Here we offer a training experience like no other. Come in and try it for yourself.