Workout of the Day

CrossFit WOD, February 3, 2023

CrossFit – Fri, Feb 3

Warm up
<p>Banded 7s</p><p>hip halo</p><p>3 sets</p><p>10-15 cal row</p><p>10 hang scalp retractions</p><p>6 kip to swing</p><p>2 hanging knee raises</p><p>10 air squats</p><p>10 single arm DB high pulls each side</p><p>3-5 ring dips</p>
Bad blood (Time)
<p>Open 14:4</p><p>14 min AMRAP</p><p>60 cal row</p><p>50 T2B</p><p>40 wall balls</p><p>30 power cleans (135/95)</p><p>20 ring muscle ups</p>
Front Squat (5 x 2 )
<p>2 at 7/10</p><p>2 at 7.5/10</p><p>2 at 8/10</p><p>2 at 8.5/10</p><p>2 at 9/10</p><p>3 sec down 2 in the bottom</p><p>tempo is key pick weight to hit the reps</p>
Push Jerk (5-4-3-2 )
<p>1 push jerk plus 1 split jerk</p><p>5x 1 pj + 1 sj6/10</p><p>4x 7/10</p><p>3x 8/10</p><p>2x 9/10</p>
Accessory work
<p>12 min EMOM</p><p>4 rounds</p><p>minute 1 – 4 KB hang snatch right</p><p> 4 KB hang snatch left (53/35)</p><p>min 2 – 4 kb hang clusters right</p><p>min 3 4 kb hang clusters left</p><p> </p><p>2 sets</p><p>15-10-5</p><p>Deadlift (315-225)</p><p>T2B</p><p>rest 1:1 b/t sets</p>