Workout of the Day

CrossFit WOD, January 3, 2022


Warm Up/Total Session Time
Arms & Legs: 40sec easy, 20sec mod, 10sec fast,
Rest 20sec,
Legs Only: 40sec easy, 20sec mod, 10sec fast,
Rest 20sec,
Arms Only: 40sec easy, 20sec mod, 10sec fast

2. Barbell Prep (perform after the Bike metcon)
A) Burgener Warm up Snatch – 3-5 reps at each position

Elbows high and outside – "BAR CLOSE"
Muscle snatch – "STRONG TURNOVER"
Snatch land – "FOOT WORK" 2", 4", 6"
Snatch drop – "FOOT WORK"
B) Skill Transfer Exercises Snatch – 3-5 reps of each movement

Snatch grip push press. Feet jumping position "OVERHEAD STRENGTH"
Overhead squat, "CORE STRENGTH"
Heaving Snatch Balance. Feet in landing position. Dip, drive, drop, punch. "FAST HANDS"
Drop Snatch, feet jumping position to landing, no drive, "SPEED UNDER"
Snatch balance, "FOOT AND ARM SPEED"
3) 3x High Hang Snatch + 3x Hang Snatch + 3x Snatch

Metcon (Calories)
Bike work

Bike Progression

5x (60 Sec Fast, 30 Sec Easy)
No rest between reps or sets.
Time: 7.5 Min

Snatch (6-6-4-4)
Snatch Push Press + Pause Overhead Squat + Overhead Squat 6-6-4-4
3 Snatch Push Press + 2 Pause Overhead Squat + 1 Overhead Squat x 2 sets @70% of 1RM Snatch
2 Snatch Push Press + 1 Pause Overhead Squat + 1 Overhead Squat x 2 sets @75% of 1RM Snatch


Metcon (Time)
Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark

2 Sets
25 Push ups
50 Air squats
100 Double Unders
50 Air squats
25 Push ups
-Rest 3:00 b/t sets-

Scale to finish near the target score:
3 sets:
20 Push ups
40 Air squats
150 single unders
40 Air squats
20 Push ups
-Rest 3:00 b/t sets-

*2 Sets to be doable in 25minutes

Target Time each set: 5-6 minutes
Time Cap each set: 8 minutes
This chipper style workout will allow you to work though moderate to bigger sets of reps but with movements you can hold onto bigger sets for
How to Pace: CHALLENGE! Work to hole an almost unsustainable pace each round, knowing that the faster rounds and built in rest will allow you to maintain pace and recover.

How it should Feel: Muscular Endurance. Those push ups and air squats can add up and allow some pump! Expect chest and quad fatigue with some elevated breathing from the double unders!

Accessory Work
MG 9 Minute EMOM [OPTIONAL] 9 minute EMOM
minute 1: 9 Arch Snap to Support
minute 2: 9 -12 Heel Box Strict Ring Dips
minute 3: 9-12 Chin Ups on rig