Workout of the Day

CrossFit WOD, July 13, 2023

CrossFit – Thu, Jul 13

Warm up
<p>Banded 7’s and Hip Halo</p><p>2 Sets of <a target="_blank" href=";list=PLvAVwtyBkTrSqXaJBa_DKeBQPMimB-lNT&amp;index=8&amp;ab_channel=MayhemAthlete">Front Squat Skill Transfer Exercises</a><br />3 No Hand (Zombie) Front Squats<br />3 No Hand (Zombie) Front Squats<br />3 2 second Pause Front Squats<br />3 One and a quarter Front Squats<br />3 In the Hole Front Squats (last rep is a 10 second negative)</p><p>2 sets: 5 reps each:</p><p>BB strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk</p>
Clean complex (E2MOM x 5 sets complete the following complex:

1 Pause Clean Deadlift at Mid Thigh + 1 Clean Pull from that mid thigh position + 1 Clean + 1 Pause Push Jerk
6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5 out of 10 RPE)

Complete the following

<p>*Pause Clean Deadlift is for two seconds at mid thigh.<br />**Pause Push Jerk is for two seconds in receive position.</p>
Feta (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
<p>AMRAP 20 Minutes<br />500m Row<br />15 Burpees over Rower<br />400m Run<br />15 Burpees over Rower</p>

<p>Each row and run counts as 1 rep</p><p>Target Rounds: 3+</p><p>Minimum Rounds before scaling: 2</p>

Accessory work
<p>3 Sets<br />5 Wall Walks + :30-:45 Nose to Wall Handstand Hold<br />50ft Double Dumbbell Overhead Carry (every 10ft do a Double Dumbbell Push Press)<br />Crossover Symmetry I,T,Y’s (5 each position)</p>

Accessory work
<p>3-4 Sets<br />10 Strict Pull Ups (light/moderate weight is possible) @RPE 7<br />10 Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl (each side) @RPE 7<br />-rest 90-120 seconds b/t sets-<br /><br />3-4 Sets<br />10 Meadows Row @RPE 7<br />10 Ring Curls @ moderate weight – maintain quality<br />-rest 90-120 seconds b/t sets-</p>