Workout of the Day

CrossFit WOD, July 17, 2023

CrossFit – Mon, Jul 17

Warm up
<p>Hip Halo and Banded 7’s</p><p> </p><p>with a barbell in the back rack:</p><p>2 sets of 7 reps each</p><p>good mornings</p><p>half-way down squats</p><p>from the bottom half way up squats</p><p>2 sec pause squats (at bottom)</p><p>full squats</p><p> </p><p>before the wod:</p><p>2 Sets<br />1:00 Jog (shuttle runs)<br />10 Single Arm Strict Press (each arm, light-moderate)<br />8 Kip to Swing<br />8 push ups<br />-Then-<br />Warm Up to Shoulder to Overhead weight.</p>
Back Squat (Weight)
<p>5 Back Squat @ 6.5/10 RPE<br />5 Back Squat @ 7/10 RPE<br />5 Back Squat @ 7.5/10 RPE<br />3 Back Squat @ 8/10 RPE<br />3 Back Squat @ 8.5/10 RPE<br />3 Back Squat @ 9/10 RPE</p>
Jersey Mike’s (5 Rounds for reps)
<p>5 sets for individual times:<br />300m Run<br />10 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)<br />5 Ring Muscle Ups<br />-Rest :90 between sets-</p>

<p>Target time each set: sub 2 minutes 30 seconds</p><p>Time Cap each set: 3 minutes 30 seconds</p><p>Score = time for each round (not including rest)</p>

Accessory work
<p>3 Sets<br />10 Double Dumbbell Back Extension w/Double Dumbbell Row at the top of each rep<br />20 Bumper Plate Around The Worlds (10 each direction)<br />5 Ring Support Knee Ups with a Ring Dip at the top of each rep</p>