Workout of the Day

CrossFit WOD, June 13, 2023

CrossFit – Tue, Jun 13

Warm up
<p>Banded 7’s and Hip Halo</p><p>A) <a target="_blank" href=";list=PLvAVwtyBkTrSqXaJBa_DKeBQPMimB-lNT&amp;index=7&amp;ab_channel=MayhemAthlete">Burgener Warm up Snatch</a> – 3-5 reps at each position</p><ol><li>Down and up</li><li>Elbows high and outside</li><li>Muscle snatch</li><li>Snatch land </li><li>Snatch drop </li></ol><p>B) <a target="_blank" href=";list=PLvAVwtyBkTrSqXaJBa_DKeBQPMimB-lNT&amp;index=14&amp;ab_channel=MayhemAthlete">Skill Transfer Exercises Snatch</a> – 3-5 reps of each movement</p><ol><li>Snatch grip push press. Feet jumping position</li><li>Overhead squat</li><li>Heaving Snatch Balance. Feet in landing position. Dip, drive, drop, punch. </li><li>Drop Snatch, feet jumping position to landing</li><li>Snatch balance</li></ol><p>3) <a target="_blank" href="">3x High Hang Snatch + 3x Hang Snatch + 3x Snatch</a></p><p>Before workout:</p><p><br />1:00 Jog (moderate)<br />:30 Plank<br />:30 Bear Hug Carry (start light and build in weight)<br />:30 Farmers Carry (start light and build in weight)<br />-Then-<br />Warm Up to Sandbag Carry and Farmer Carry weight.</p>
Power Snatch (3 Power Snatch @ 7/10 RPE
2 Power Snatch @ 7.5/10 RPE
1 Power Snatch @ 8/10 RPE
1 Power Snatch @ 9/10 RPE
1 Power Snatch @ 10/10 RPE)
Grumpy (Time)
<p>For Time<br />200m Sandbag Carry (150/100)<br />400m Dumbbell Farmer Carry (2×70/50)</p><p>*sub goblet hold KB carry for sandbag if there are not enough sandbags. (70/50)</p><p>**scale weight of sandbag and KB accordingly.<br />***STAY INSIDE. Down and back, length of the rig 4 trips = 100 meters</p>

<p>*every time you break on the Sandbag Carries complete 5 Cleans (or 5 alt cleans with KB) and every time you break on the Farmer Carry complete 15 Dumbbell Push Ups</p><p>Target Time: sub 18 minutes</p><p>Time Cap: 25 minutes</p>

Accessory work
<p>3 Sets<br />15 4in Deficit Hand Release Push Up<br />10 Double Kettlebell Front Rack Hold Sit Ups<br />50 ft Double Kettlebell Overhead Waiter Walk + :60 Handstand Hold</p>