Workout of the Day

CrossFit WOD, May 4, 2023

CrossFit – Thu, May 4

Warm up
<p>1. Banded 7s- perform 7 reps of each movement</p><p>2.Mayhem Hip Halo Activation</p><p>3. Barbell Prep</p><p>2-3 Sets<br />10 Hand Release Push Up<br />5 Single Arm Bench Press (each side, moderate)</p>
Metcon (Time)
<p>3 rounds with a partner:</p><p>P1: 30/24 Cal Echo Bike</p><p>P2: 30/24 Cal Row</p><p>400 m run together</p><p>P1: 30/24 Cal Row</p><p>P2: 30/24 Cal Echo Bike</p><p>30 Toes to Bar together</p><p>30 burpee box jump over (48′)</p><p>together</p>

<p>make certain to communicate and try and come off the machines together. Be a good partner!!!</p><p>2:00 cap on machines</p>
Bench Press (6-6-6-4-2)
<p>6 Bench Press @ 6/10 RPE<br />6 Bench Press @ 7/10 RPE<br />6 Bench Press @ 8/10 RPE<br />4 Bench Press @ 9/10 RPE<br />2 Bench Press @ 9.5/10 RPE<br />*After the last set, perform 40 Hand Release Deficit Push Ups (these are the last week of these)</p>
Accessory work
<p>4 Rounds<br />10 Alt. DB Tempo Incline Bench + Double DB Incline Bench @ Moderate weight – maintain control and quality RPE 7<br />-rest 30-60 seconds-<br />10 DB Preacher Curl @ moderate weight – maintain quality RPE 7<br />-rest 30-60 seconds-<br />12 Resistance Band Chest Fly – High to Low @ moderate weight – maintain quality RPE 7<br />-Rest 3 min b/t rounds-</p>